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                Yichen Advertising
                 Shanghai Yichen Advertising Co.,Ltd.
                TEL: 021-55221417
                Contact Us
                Shanghai Yichen Advertising Co., Ltd.
                Add:No.193-2,Minxing Road, Yangpu, Shanghai
                Email: shyichen@126.com
                QQ:858581411 543366767
                Website News
                Site Update                      7/9/2007
                Shanghai Yichen Advertising Co., Ltd. was incorporated
                Site Update                      31/12/2007
                Completion of the company's Web site construction
                Advertising planning
                Enterprise VI design company, brand design, brand planning, the new core brand consulting, brand design, visual image design company, CIS design and planning......
                Advertising production
                Luminous characters, billboards, light boxes, signs, organic carving products, neon signs, outdoor advertising works, acrylic products, LED display, city buildings floodlight......
                Advertising design
                Advertising design, VI design, logo design, brand image planning company, website design company, CIS design advertising agency......
                About Us
                    Shanghai Yichen  Advertising Co., Ltd. was established and 2007, the company is located in Yangpu District, close to Wujiaochang location, is a collection of advertising product design, production, publishing as one of the professional advertising companies. Works in advertising, advertising design, advertising production, advertising, lighting engineering has accumulated rich experience in the industry.
                The qualification of an advertising enterprise of China, China International Advertising Festival Great Wall Award, the advertising industry, Shanghai Magnolia Award
                Customer service
                Bank of China, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Bank of Communications, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Post, Baosteel Group, Shanghai Construction Engineering, Shanghai Volkswagen, Pentium Group